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Austausch | Leadership Talk AI in Automotive (mit Mercedes-Benz, Deloitte)

KI_Park Eine Gruppe von Menschen steht vor einem rosa Regal und diskutiert über Künstliche Intelligenz und europäische KI-Fortschritte.

As part of the Mercedes-Benz AG Leadership Talk at Deloitte, the KI Park eV flagships team had the opportunity to give an inspiring lecture to the Mercedes-Benz AG management team. The aim of the presentation was to highlight the AI ​​flagship projects of KI Park eV and thus increase awareness and understanding of the transformative power of artificial intelligence in various industrial sectors.

The presentation provided an in-depth look at selected success stories from the automotive and pharmaceutical industries that demonstrated the breadth and impact of AI applications. Among other things, projects such as AI for ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) tracking, factory planning with digital twins, technical standards in the EU for AI models in healthcare and the impact of EU AI legislation on companies were presented. These examples demonstrated how AI can be used to increase operational efficiency, pursue sustainability goals, and prepare for regulatory changes.

The panelists gained insights into the practical application of #ai, #datascience and #ml (machine learning) in real business contexts. It became clear how important it is to build a robust data infrastructure, represented by the hashtags #data and #models, to create the foundation for successful AI applications.

The talk also highlighted the importance of #ecosystems in relation to collaboration between different actors at the EU level, represented by the hashtag #EU, and at the national level, represented by #germany and #deutschland. This collaboration enables the creation of standards and best practices that are critical to the success of AI projects.

The mention of #digitaltwin highlighted the relevance of digital technologies in modern factory planning, while #nvidia served as a prominent example of technological innovation in AI and data science.

The event was an exemplary example of knowledge sharing and promoting understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing AI in companies. Mercedes-Benz AG executives had the opportunity to learn first-hand from the experiences and best practices of the KI Park eV flagship team, which formed a solid foundation for future considerations and strategies when dealing with AI and data-driven technologies.