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Executive Circle Berlin “AI Driven Next Gen Compliance”

25.04.24 │ Künstliche Intelligenz ist derzeit in aller Munde…doch was bedeutet das rund um das Thema Compliance? Hier wachsen Anforderungen, Aufwände und Fachkräftemangel ebenso rasant wie die Konsequenzen bei Pflichtverletzungen.

Die meisten Regulierungen sind durchaus gesellschaftlich wünschenswert. Ihre vollständige Umsetzung – und ihre immer größeren Umfänge – aber schaffen massive Aufwände und zusätzliche administrative Tätigkeiten, die den Unternehmen Kraft saugen und damit die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit bedrohen. Viele Stimmen warnen, dass die Wirtschaft Deutschlands und Europas unter der fortschreitenden Regulierung stranguliert wird. Deregulierung ist eine wichtige Forderung, aber wieviel davon ist realistisch, und auf welcher Zeitskala?

Rise of AI Conference 2024

15.05.24 │ Since 2014, Veronika Westerheide from the KI Park Team and Fabian Westerheide from the KI Park Advisory Board have welcomed AI enthusiasts, tech experts, decision-makers, and industry leaders. The Rise of AI serves as a critical platform for discussing the impact of Artificial Intelligence on society, politics, and the economy, fostering a future where technology enhances human capabilities. It’s also a great opportunity to meet the KI Park team and learn about the ecosystem.

LLM Explainability, Mitigating Hallucinations & Ensuring Ethical Practices

02.04.24 │ KI Park e.V. teamed up with Google and Frontnow to talk about explainabilty, hallucination and ethical practices in AI. The event will provide an in-depth exploration of these topics, particularly focusing on LLMs, the challenges of hallucination in GenAI, and the ethical implications of these technologies – for a deeper understanding among the developer community.

Two keynotes will be delivered by Eva Kalbfell, Senior Product Officer at Frontnow, and Jakob Pörschmann, Customer Engineer at Google Cloud.

We are very happy that Google will host us in their location on the 2nd of April 2024! So be quick and save your ticket before they are gone!

Horizons of Applied AI

21.03.24 │ “Horizons of Applied AI” with H&M Group will open the discussion on the following questions: How does the process of applying AI in large companies look like, and how does it affect their approach to data, innovation, and strategy? How to manage getting everyone on the same page in a global organisation?

We have invited Sonja Galkin, Business Area Manager AI, Analytics & Data at H&M Group to share her insights, best practices and challenges, and discuss different ways of approaching the journey together with other AI managers.

KI Park Members Townhall #2

20.03.24 │ Another event exclusively for ⭕ KI Park members is about to happen: the Second KI Park Members Townhall is coming up! Get to know other ⭕ KI Park Ambassadors while engaging in Speed Dating sessions, get connected with corporate representatives, be the first to know about ⭕ KI Park upcoming activities and learn about our ecosystem members’ successes and developments! All this within 1 hour online meeting of ⭕ KI Park Members!

ChatBot Summit

19.03.24-21.03.24 │ The Chatbot Summit, the leading international conference on Conversational and Generative AI, is coming back in Berlin with a fresh interactive concept. This year’s Summit will explore the transformative impact of Generative AI across various industries, featuring esteemed speakers, interactive workshops, and the new “Horizons” format for comprehensive industry insights.

Event | Electrical Smart City Systems

On December 13th, Professor Dr. Norman Franchi, a distinguished leader of the Chair of Electrical Smart City Systems at Friedrich-Alexander University, the first Satellite of KI Park, alongside his dedicated team and with the support of Eva Russwurm welcomed approximately 30 guests at the royal Orangerie in Erlangen for the Evolving Strategic Collaboration Symposium. The […]

The State of AI – Present Insights, Future Prospects 

01.02.2024 | Möchtest du über die neuesten Entwicklungen im Bereich Künstliche Intelligenz informiert werden? Neugierig, welche Rolle technologische Fortschritte, regulatorische Änderungen und neue KI-Anwendungsfälle im Jahr 2024 spielen werden? 

KI PARK x BRYCK: TechTranscend: AI in Corporate Industries 

06.02.24 | KI Park and BRYCK are excited to invite you to their meet up of experts, revolving around the compelling theme “TechTranscend: AI in Corporate Industries” happening on February 6th 2024, in Essen. 
The event provides a joint platform for AI enthusiasts, founders, corporate decision makers and AI specialists from the KI Park, the Hands on Data Community and the regional tech ecosystem.

KI Park Members Townhall

24.01.2024 | KI Park is excited to announce a new offering we would like you to mark in your calendars for 2024: The KI Park Members Townhall. The KI Park Members Townhall meeting series welcomes the ambassadors of all +130 KI Park members – making it an essential gathering of the KI Park community. I