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ChatBot Summit

The Chatbot Summit, the leading international conference series for Conversational and Generative AI, is returning to Berlin from March 19 to 21 after a five-year break. The Summit will present itself with a new interactive concept at the Ritz-Carlton and other locations on the Berlin Meeting Campus at Potsdamer Platz.
The current status of the program and confirmed experts will be constantly updated on the website.

Speakers so far include Nils Seele (Partner at LEA Partners and Board Member at Aleph Alpha), Juan Martin Maglione (Global NLP & Gen AI Expert at the Boston Consulting Group), Thomas Neumann
(Principal Manager Digital at Vodafone), Arjun Patel (Head of Product at N26) and Dr. Julie Wall (Director of Impact and Innovation at the University of East London).

How is Generative AI changing retail, the automotive industry and SMEs? What best practices are worth knowing in terms of large language models and prompt engineering? And how can generative AI and blockchain positively influence each other? These and many other questions will be answered at this year’s Chatbot Summit.

The first of three event days is dedicated to further training through intensive, in-depth and practice-oriented workshops such as “From Large Language Models to Large Action Models”. These exclusive sessions, led by respected industry experts, offer only a limited number of places, ensuring an intensive learning experience for all participants.


The second day will feature a completely new approach called “Horizons”. In 90 minutes, up to six experts will give a comprehensive overview of important topics such as “Ethics in Generative AI” in a streamlined and engaging program. Each Horizon includes different formats such as keynotes, success stories, start-up pitches, panels, product demos and more. This compact, multi-perspective approach is designed to deepen participants’ understanding and broaden their horizons. The organizer Sunrize AI relies on PIABO Communications, the leading communications agency for tech companies. The entire day is divided into four time slots, with two to three Horizons taking place simultaneously.


“With our new Horizons format, we are deliberately focusing on a specific aspect or a selected industry to shed light on the most pressing issues in Conversational & Generative AI from different perspectives,” explains Yoav Barel, CEO of Sunrize AI. “The idea behind the Horizons is that you leave the sessions knowing what you need to know and how you can get even better into the topic.”


During breaks between the Horizons, there will also be plenty of time to discuss the content in depth while networking. The networking highlight will be the evening event after the second day of the conference. Under the title “Sunrize After Dark”, new connections will be made at a joint party.


The third day will be dedicated to business, such as licensing new technologies and selecting suitable partners to keep pace with the rapid developments in the field of generative AI. The focus will be on pre-scheduled 15-minute meetings for B2B contacts, to finalize potential investments or to make decisions about new technologies and solutions.


The Chatbot Summit is also targeting startups this year and has launched a new program: the Sunrize AI Booster Program for Startups. This program supports seed and pre-seed startups in the field of generative AI. By significantly driving growth and innovation within the dynamic AI ecosystem, the program promotes the potential of startups. Participants have the opportunity to present their ideas at the Chatbot Summit, learn from industry experts in insightful 1:1 mentoring sessions, participate in networking events for founders and become part of a community.


“We have made it our goal that the Chatbot Summit stands for four things,” emphasizes Yoav Barel. “Learning, networking, business and fun! We are underlining this principle with the new concept.”


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