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Event | Electrical Smart City Systems

On December 13th, Professor Dr. Norman Franchi, a distinguished leader of the Chair of Electrical Smart City Systems at Friedrich-Alexander University, the first Satellite of KI Park, alongside his dedicated team and with the support of Eva Russwurm welcomed approximately 30 guests at the royal Orangerie in Erlangen for the Evolving Strategic Collaboration Symposium.

The symposium began with an inspiring opening speech by Prof. Dr. Norman Franchi. In his presentation, he outlined the rapid development of the chair, both in terms of the topics addressed and the number of employees. Various cooperation partners from the fields of mobile communications, 5G and 6G presented their (research) work in short talks. The current challenges and innovative approaches in the answers to the research questions stimulated discussions and lively conversations.

This event, a first of its kind, embodied the spirit of open innovation and was attended by collaborators from the Chair at FAU in Erlangen. Each guest received a heartfelt welcome, creating an atmosphere of celebration and anticipation for the establishment of a new tradition aimed at fostering novel collaborations and innovation projects. The symposium provided an excellent platform for attendees to learn about the top-tier research conducted at the Chair and to engage with diverse collaboration partners, including corporates, startups, authorities, and research institutes.

Special thanks were extended to Norman and Eva, as well as Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, for their outstanding contributions to excellent research and for proudly representing the KI Park Satellite at FAU.