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Contribution rules




1.1 The General Meeting of KI Park e.V. (the "Association") adopted these Rules of Contribution on 11 May 2023 in accordance with § 4 number 3 of the Association's Articles of Association. These Rules of Contribution are not part of the Articles of Association. They regulate the contribution obligations of the members. It can only be amended by the general meeting.

1.2 All members of the Association shall pay a current membership fee. Current membership fees are in principle annual fees payable in advance. Founding members are exempt from paying current membership fees.

1.3 Natural or legal persons, commercial companies, authorities and foundations may become members of the Association. A prerequisite for membership is that the activities of the member correspond to the tasks and objectives of the Association.

1.4 Legal entities and natural persons who engage in entrepreneurial planning and decision-making, including freelancers, are companies within the meaning of these Rules. Companies whose primary business activity is in the area of developing or offering solutions in the field of AI and which have fewer than 50 employees are "start-ups" or "scale-ups" within the meaning of these Rules. The number of employees shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of section 23(1) of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act (KSchG).

1.5 Companies whose purpose is, in particular, capital participation or also operational support services in other companies are "venture capital companies" within the meaning of these Rules.

1.6 Natural persons who participate financially in companies and at the same time support them with know-how and contacts are "business angels" within the meaning of these Rules.

1.7 Natural individuals within the meaning of these contribution rules are natural persons who are not engaged in business activities.

1.8 The association is politically, ethnically and denominationally neutral. Insofar as function designations are used in these Rules, these shall apply to each gender.


2.1 The regular current membership fees shall be for

2.1.1 Organisations and companies whose service offering consists of equity capital with a

  • Asset under Management (AuM) < EUR 250 million: EUR 10,000.00
  • EUR 250 m < AuM < EUR 500 m: EUR 20,000.00
  • EUR 500 m < AuM < EUR 1 bn: EUR 30,000.00
  • AuM > EUR 1 bn: EUR 50,000.00

2.1.2 Business Angel: EUR 1,000.00

2.1.3 Startups, Scaleups

  • 0 - 9 employees: EUR 250.00
  • 10 - 24 employees: EUR 750.00
  • 25 - 49 employees: EUR 2,500.00

2.1.4 Companies with

  • Turnover < EUR 100 million: EUR 10,000.00
  • EUR 100 million < sales revenue < EUR 500 million: EUR 25,000.00
  • EUR 500 million < sales revenue < EUR 5 billion: EUR 50,000.00
  • Sales revenue > EUR 5 bn: EUR 75,000.00

2.1.5 Natural persons: EUR 250.00

2.1.6 Membership fees for non-profit and non-charitable associations, societies, foundations and professional bodies as well as public-law institutions and corporations shall be determined by the Board of Directors on the basis of objective reasons and according to the member's capacity.

2.1.7 The regulation from 2.1.6 does not apply to universities and research institutes that are organised in the legal form of non-profit and non-charitable associations, foundations and public-law institutions and corporations. For these, the current membership fee according to 2.1.4 applies instead. Legally non-independent research institutions can take over the representation of their respective umbrella organisation in KI Park e.V.; the respective umbrella organisation becomes a member of KI Park e.V.. An umbrella organisation can also be represented in KI Park e.V. by several legally non-independent research institutions. The respective membership fee shall be determined by the Board. The amount of the respective membership fee shall be based on the performance of the legally non-independent research institution(s) representing the respective umbrella organisation in KI Park e.V. (e.g. cumulative annual budget, research budget, etc.).

2.2 The contributions are exclusive of the applicable value added tax.

2.3 If a member joins the Association during the year, the annual membership fee shall be calculated pro rata for the remainder of the year in accordance with section 2.1 above.

2.4 The membership status according to section 2.1 on the due date shall be decisive for the amount of the contribution.

2.5 The Board of Directors may in individual cases by resolution exempt a (new) member, also for a limited period of time, from the current obligation to pay dues if there is an objective reason for doing so. In this case, the Board of Directors may determine the payment of a one-time contribution in an appropriate amount.

2.6 The Board of Directors may, on a case-by-case basis, by resolution, exempt start-ups that participate in or have participated in start-up-oriented programmes of the KI Park members or their subsidiaries, as well as winners of challenges of KI Park e.V. from the current membership fee obligation for a period of one (1) year.

2.7 In the event of termination of membership, the member shall remain obliged to pay his/her membership fee until the date of termination. A refund of membership fees already paid shall not be made.


Founding members shall make a one-time contribution ("Founding Membership Fee") in the amounts specified in Annex 1. 

4. maturity and default

4.1 Membership fees are due upon notification by the Board. 

4.2 In the event of a reminder in the event of default, the Association shall be entitled to charge a reasonable reminder fee. 

5. changes

5.1 In the interest of the welfare of the association, every applicant and every member is obliged to provide the office with truthful information on the data required for the proper collection of the membership fee. This includes, in particular, notifications leading to a change of status according to section 2.1 of these membership fee regulations; such notifications may be made in text form. If such information or notifications are omitted, the Board of Directors shall be free, after notification by the Head Office, to classify the members in their highest contribution category. The member shall be responsible for providing proof of notification. 

5.2 Members who instruct the Association to collect membership fees shall bear all self-inflicted costs arising from non-collection by the drawn bank or from the collection otherwise not being feasible. 

6 Effectiveness, entry into force; amendment of the Rules of Procedure

6.1 These Rules of Contribution were adopted by resolution of the General Assembly of 11.05.2023 and entered into force with immediate effect. 

6.2 The enactment, abolition and amendment of the Fee Schedule shall be made exclusively by resolution of the General Assembly. 

6.3 Should any provisions of these Rules be or become invalid, the remaining provisions of these Rules shall not be affected thereby.