KI_Park Das Ki Park-Logo zeigt europäische KI mit einem roten Kreis in der Mitte.

Programme | AI Connect for Sustainability Programme (with German Entrepreneurship and others)

KI_Park Das Bild einer Glühbirne mit einem grünen Blatt darin symbolisiert die Schnittstelle von Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit im europäischen KI-Ökosystem.

The AI Connect for Sustainability programme aims to solve business challenges in sustainability by showcasing new AI prototypes developed by AI start-ups.

Driven by the AI Park ecosystem, the AI Connect for Sustainability programme offers eight organisations the opportunity to unlock new innovation potential at the intersection of sustainability, business impact and artificial intelligence. Under the new AI Park initiative, experts from the AI Park ecosystem and programme partners will guide participating organisations through the entire innovation process: from identifying an AI business case to selecting the right application partners to implementing an AI prototype with leading AI startups. At the end of the programme, after approximately six months, participating organisations will not only have a customised AI prototype to solve their sustainability challenges, but will also unlock new opportunities for their organisations through expert mentoring, workshops, marketing initiatives, events and more.

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Flagship | Digital Twin Factory (with Deloitte, Schaeffler, NVIDIA)

KI_Park Ein Bild eines Raums mit einem Roboter darin, der das KI-Ökosystem zeigt.

"Factory Service Robots Path Planning with NVIDIA Omniverse" explores how advanced planning algorithms can be used in combination with NVIDIA's Omniverse platform to optimise the navigation of service robots in factory environments. The focus is on efficiency, safety and adaptive behaviour patterns.

Flagship | TEF HEALTH (with FAU, Charité and others)

KI_Park Eine Gruppe von Menschen, die an einem KI-Workshop teilnehmen und vor einem Bildschirm stehen.

The project "Integration of AI models in healthcare" is a pioneering project within the Digital Europe programme, which is funded by the EU with 60 million euros. The aim of the project is to test and scale AI solutions in healthcare.

Foundation | ComplAIzer: AI-Driven Compliance (with FAU)

KI_Park Das Logo für Ki Park, ein europäisches KI-Ökosystem und eine Compliance-Lösung der nächsten Generation.

As part of the AI Park, ComplAIzer has had access to a broad network of experts, investors and research institutions from the very beginning. The practice-oriented lecture on the interface of AI and law created the breeding ground for the ideas and foundations from which the start-up emerged.