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Event | KI Park Summer Event 2022

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On 10 June 2022, KI Park e.V. was inaugurated with an official event underlining the solidarity of science, business and politics to promote the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) in Germany and Europe. This marks the start of a joint initiative to promote technological progress through a platform that facilitates dialogue and cooperation between different players in the AI sector.


The opening event with more than 100 invited guests provided the framework for interesting discussions with keynote speakers Prof. Dr Sabina Jeschke and Prof. Dr Jürgen Schmidhuber, who shared their visions and hopes for the future of AI technology in Germany and Europe.


Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, former board member of Deutsche Bahn, as chair of the board emphasises the association's serious commitment to being a leader in the AI landscape. Her extensive experience at the interface of technology, business and society will be an essential resource to achieve the association's goals. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidhuber, who is often referred to as the father of modern AI, also spoke about the crucial development of deep neural networks, which have revolutionised machine learning and are now used by technology companies worldwide.


Members and interested parties of KI Park e.V. took the opportunity to highlight the need for collaboration on AI technologies that will have a significant impact on industry and society. The aim of KI Park e.V. is to create an environment in which knowledge can be exchanged, innovative ideas can be advanced and relevant challenges can be jointly solved in AI reallabs.


This event is a milestone for KI Park e.V. and a big step for the AI community in Germany and beyond. By bringing together a wide range of stakeholders, KI Park e.V. demonstrates the joint effort needed to advance AI technology and enable both industrial and societal progress.

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