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Flagship | Marienpark P5G: Linking 5G with AI (with Investa, NTT, Deloitte)


The Marienpark 5G Campus represents an initiative that promotes the implementation and application of 5G technology in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI).

Vision and goals:

The core idea is to establish a 5G Campus in Marienpark as part of the AI Innovation Campus. The campus serves as a test and laboratory environment to test, present and develop future 5G use cases. Actors from companies, academia, government agencies and start-ups will be integrated. This will provide an opportunity to demonstrate the added value that can be created by linking AI-based technology with 5G/EDGE communication solutions. A particular focus will be on developing use cases for 'critical infrastructure'.

Status and next steps:

The project is a joint initiative of Investa, NTT, KI Park e.V., Deloitte and potential partners. Work is well advanced, for example in the areas of radio planning, energy supply and antenna technology. In addition to the technical set-up, an operating model and environment are needed to integrate other partners with (industry-specific) use cases before the launch and to expand the platform over time.

Overview of 5G and the associated industrial added value:

5G, the fifth generation of mobile systems, marks the next significant phase in mobile telecommunications to meet the connectivity requirements of future technologies and emerging customer and industry needs. Compared to LTE technology, 5G offers significantly higher speeds, greater capacity and device density, lower energy consumption and lower latency. A fundamentally new network architecture will be introduced that is cloud-centric and service-based. AI is used for automation and analytics, enabling "limitless" capacity and near real-time connectivity.

Examples of 5G-based AI use cases:

  • Network-based: Network performance optimisation and energy saving, advanced network security, predictive maintenance of network infrastructure.
  • Application-based: Applications for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), industrial automation (predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, optimisation of production processes), real-time analysis of videos (surveillance, object recognition), personalised AI assistants (voice assistants, chatbots).