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New era, proven leadership in the Executive Board and Board of Directors of KI Park e.V.

Berlin, 13 October 2023 - On its second anniversary, KI Park e.V. looks back at a successful
foundation phase. During the meeting of the Board of Directors on 11.10.2023, the
Board of Directors of KI Park as well as the Presidium of the Board of Directors were newly elected. These elections
mark the beginning of the second term of office of the association's bodies and bring both proven
continuity as well as new impulses in the management team.

Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke was unanimously confirmed as Chair of the Board of KI Park e.V. and will be
will thus continue to lead the association's fortunes in the following years. Also unanimously elected was Olly
Salzmann confirmed as Vice-Chairman for another term of office. New on the Board
is Steffen Legler, who was also unanimously elected as Deputy Chair. Tanja
Dreilich will continue her successful work focusing on strategy and the expansion of the AI network in the
Advisory Board of KI Park, for which she was unanimously confirmed.

"We would like to thank the previous Executive Board, Prof. Dr Sabina Jeschke, Olly Salzmann and Tanja Dreilich, for
the excellent work. Under her leadership, the KI Park was successfully established and
first two years firmly anchored in the European AI ecosystem. We are now looking forward to further
trusting cooperation with the confirmed and newly elected board," says Rupprecht.
Rittweger, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who together with his deputy Dr Thomas
Schiller was unanimously confirmed for another term of office. Stefan Pinelli completes his term of office after
The three-member Presidium of the Board of Directors as Vice-President was also unanimously elected.

With a confirmed and supplemented Executive Board and Board of Directors at the helm, KI Park e.V. is continuing to develop.
continues its journey to establish a thriving AI ecosystem in Europe and to drive digital transformation.
drive forward.

"In a time of rapid technological change and the increasing importance of Artificial
intelligence, the association's bodies, founding members and members of the KI Park e.V.
The past two years have made a decisive contribution to the development of "AI made in Europe" and
of the positioning of the KI Park. Their commitment, their expertise and their willingness to
collaboration have enabled us to build a solid foundation for our mission,
To bring artificial intelligence into application and strengthen the European AI ecosystem. I
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank our members and Board members for the trust they have placed in us.
I am looking forward to the work that still lies ahead of us," says Prof. Dr Sabina Jeschke after her confirmation.
in the office of Chairwoman of the Board of KI Park e.V.

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