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Conference | Rise of AI Partnership 2022 (by AI for Humans)

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01.06.22 | 2022 AI Park has entered into an important partnership with the Rise of AI Conference in Berlin. This partnership is an important milestone in our mission to advance the development and application of Artificial Intelligence.


The Rise of AI Conference is a renowned event that focuses on the future of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on various industries and society. It attracts experts, innovators and leaders from around the world and provides a unique platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences.


The partnership between AI Park and the Rise of AI Conference has allowed us to expand our network and bring our efforts to promote AI to a wider audience. We had the opportunity to participate in high-level discussions and events dealing with forward-looking topics in the field of AI.


The partnership also underlined KI Park's role as a pioneer in the AI community and our commitment to sharing knowledge and resources to support AI development in Germany and beyond. It was an opportunity to underline our commitment to promoting AI to the wider public.


The experiences and insights from this partnership have helped us to further sharpen our goals and mission. We are proud to have been part of such an important event in the world of Artificial Intelligence and look forward to future opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Our partnership with the Rise of AI Conference remains a vibrant expression of our commitment to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and its positive impact on society.


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