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Startup Demo Day | Generative AI (with Cariad, Instadeep, ML6, Plan D)


Engagement in the field of artificial intelligence, especially in the segment of generative artificial intelligence, also known as #GenAI, is receiving more and more attention and investment to drive technological innovation. Against this backdrop, the Flagships team of KI Park e.V., in close cooperation with the Volkswagen Group's software unit CARIAD, organised a Pitch Day to which startups from the German AI ecosystem were invited. The event provided a platform to discuss and explore the diverse application possibilities of GenAI and related technologies such as Machine Learning (#ML) and Reinforcement Learning.

The thematic focus of the event was on digital business and mobility services in and around the vehicle. This focus underlines the relevance and potential of AI technologies to promote and develop innovative solutions in these areas. The discussions aimed to highlight the opportunities and challenges in applying AI in these sectors.

Pitch Day participants came from a variety of professional backgrounds, but all had a common interest in customer or vehicle analytics. Participants' roles included management positions, data engineers, cloud engineers, data scientists, business analysts, as well as data/AI product owners and product managers. Bringing together a wide range of professionals enabled a deeper and more comprehensive discussion on the different use cases and challenges related to the implementation and application of AI technologies in the automotive industry.

The event served as a constructive platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices among participants. By discussing use cases and best practices together, participants were able to gain valuable insights and deepen their shared understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with the application of GenAI and related technologies.

The Pitch Day represents an important step towards stronger networking and collaboration between the various players in the German AI ecosystem. Through the joint discussion and exploration of use cases of GenAI as well as ML and reinforcement learning, a solid basis for future collaborations and joint projects was created.