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Onboarding Workshop | Vitesco at the AI Park (with Vitesco, YukkaLab, ML6, InstaDeep)

KI_Park Eine Gruppe von Menschen aus dem KI Netzwerk posiert vor einem Fenster und präsentiert ihre innovativen Ideen und Kreationen.

24.05.23 | The next member, Vitesco, has successfully conducted an onboarding workshop with AI Park. This workshop was a successful approach to meet the needs of the companies through the AI Park ecosystem.

Thanks to the thorough preparation by the AI Park flagship team, the projects defined during the workshop were already implemented the following week. During the workshop, an agreement was even reached with Vitesco as part of the exchange of ideas.

The results of the workshop led to the flagship projects being launched the following week. These projects include the planning of a machine learning-based enterprise search system in collaboration between KI Park, Vitesco and ML6. Discussions were also held on the implementation of AI and data strategies in the area of data management and data quality.

In terms of AI, several key topics have been prioritised, including multidimensional optimisation with AI metamodels, increased efficiency in the IT Support Assistant for Large Language Models (LLM), AI in testing for the creation and automation of test cases, and automated AI trend analysis based on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

This workshop shows the efficiency of the cooperation between Vitesco and KI Park. The rapid implementation of projects and the fruitful discussion of key topics are testimony to the innovative power and commitment of our members. We are confident that this partnership will continue to produce fruitful results and look forward to further developments and projects in this collaboration.