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Onboarding Workshop | Volkswagen in the AI Park (with Volkswagen, dida, Instadeep, ML6, Uni Marburg)

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24.11.22 |

As a founding member of KI Park e.V., Volkswagen AG is determined to work together to drive forward topics relating to artificial intelligence (AI). In a kick-off workshop led by the KI Park e.V. team, management and experts from Volkswagen AG, Group IT, Data:Lab and CARIAD came together to define key AI topics for collaboration.

Smart customer care solutions for Germany and the European markets were a central part of the discussions. In a world where customer expectations are constantly rising, the need to develop innovative AI-powered solutions to enable an improved customer experience was recognised.

Similarly, it was proposed to hold AI workshops for top management with KI Park e.V. as a neutral party. The aim of these workshops is to raise awareness and understanding of the possibilities of AI to support Volkswagen AG's New Car goals.

Supporting Volkswagen AG in the recruitment of AI-related talent was another key theme. Here, a particular focus is placed on hiring technical experts and project managers, combined with a commitment to diversity to create an inclusive and innovative working environment.

Trend scouting of use cases in specific clusters was deemed essential to identify and explore the most advanced and relevant AI applications.

The discussions also included the introduction and implementation of advanced technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Deep Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optimisation. These technologies are central to achieving Volkswagen AG's operational and strategic AI goals.

Another important aspect of the workshop was the exchange from a legal perspective, where the impact of the EU AI law on the automotive sector was discussed. This conversation helped to create a deeper understanding of the legal framework and obligations that come with the implementation of AI in the automotive industry.

The kick-off workshop provided a fruitful platform to lay the foundation for a strong collaboration between Volkswagen AG and KI Park e.V.. By identifying and discussing key topics, a solid framework was created to jointly explore the possibilities of AI and to support Volkswagen AG in its AI strategy.