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Exchange | Future of the Marienpark Innovation Campus (with Bündnis 90 - Die Grünen, Investa)

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Workshop on the future of the Marienpark Innovation Campus

The recent meeting with the delegation of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen led by Renate Künast at KI Park Marienpark marks another important building block in our ongoing efforts to establish Marienpark as an innovation centre for AI and sustainable technologies. The visit allowed for an intensive professional exchange about the strategic developments, infrastructural challenges and future opportunities of Marienpark.

Infrastructure as a growth engine

The delegation showed great interest in the infrastructural developments of Marienpark. In particular, the planned improvement of transport links through the S-Bahn stop at Kamenzer Damm planned for 2026 was identified as a decisive factor for the attractiveness and accessibility of the location. These improvements are not only important for the employees, but also for the efficiency of the supply chains and the general attractiveness of the location.

Technology and sustainability

The "Data to Heat" project was particularly welcomed by the delegation. The innovative approach of using waste heat from data centres to heat other buildings on campus was praised as exemplary for integrating sustainability aspects into technological applications.

European AI landscape

The strategic orientation of the AI Park to foster a diverse and powerful business landscape that develops European AI solutions was met with a positive response. The delegation stressed the importance of this vision for strengthening Europe's position in the global AI competition and as a counterweight to the big players from the US and China.

Ecosystem and community

Marienpark was recognised as a multi-layered ecosystem that enables the symbiosis of research, development and entrepreneurship. The delegation emphasised the importance of a diverse and interdisciplinary AI community that can thrive in this unique environment.

Next steps and long-term perspective

At the end of the visit, it was agreed to further deepen the projects and ideas discussed. The need for continuous cooperation and regular dialogue to translate the identified challenges into concrete measures and solutions was at the forefront.

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