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November 2023

Community Newsletter

Dear Friends of KI Park Community,

This newsletter is special in a way – by sending it, we are proud to announce that we have been here for you for 2 years! On the 13th of October 2021, at 12:42, KI Park was launched as an AI ecosystem by 12 founding members.

We have since expanded from 12 to over 120 members. We have crossed the borders of Germany and gained members and partners from other European countries. We have held over 80 projects, workshops and networking events. This year, we initiated our inaugural, large-scale AI for Sustainability Connect Programme with the objective of making a genuine impact on the world. We participated in innumerable AI events, summits and conferences, and consequently, our name is now known throughout the AI community. All of this is thanks to you.

Your involvement has made KI Park the dynamic and progressive ecosystem it is today. Every member of KI Park has an important role to play, and we truly appreciate your continued partnership.

In this spirit, we would like to welcome you to the Community Newsletter of November 2023 and find out what has been happening in the KI Park ecosystem during the last three months!

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KI Park News

Website Redesign: A New Chapter for KI Park e.V.

We could not be more excited and prouder to announce that the KI Park website relaunch is now complete! Except a modernized design and an optimized user interface, there are numerous new features to explore. Now we also have detailed overview of current projects, workshops, and events. Up-to-date news can now be followed directly on the homepage, and registering for workshops has been made easier than ever.

Another highlight is improved user navigation, which makes it easier to find needed information. The redesigned offerings are categorized into sections like "AI Knowledge," "AI Exchange," "AI Innovation," "AI Infrastructure," and "Marketplace," providing a detailed insight into our dynamic ecosystem.

All are welcome to visit the new website and offer feedback. Each point of view carries significance and contributes to the constant enhancement of the platform.

KI Park

New Ambassador Concept

We're excited to unveil our ambassador concept, a gem that's already sparkling with success among our corporate members and is now being graciously extended to all KI Park members. Our KI Park Ambassadors? Oh, they're practically the VIPs of our contact list.

Their job description? Well, it's as thrilling as it gets:

1) They bring different information, topics, offers and projects from KI Park to the colleagues in your member-organization;

2) They bring your topics into the ecosystem, exchange information with other Ambassadors and kick off new activities in KI Park.

In the future, there will be online Jour Fixes of all Ambassadors every two months. Picture this: a digital soiree where we spill the latest tea from KI Park, unveil new offers to join KI Park activities, and introduce you to the newest members in our ecosystem.

If you are a member of KI Park and haven’t filled our Member Survey yet, it is high time to do so. What we need from you: tell us who your Ambassador is and who has the golden ticket to contact them.

Once you've completed the form and designated your ambassador, you'll receive an invitation to the "KI PARK Members Townhall." The inaugural session is scheduled for January 24, 2024, from 2 pm to 2:45 pm.

During this meeting, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to engage in a Meet & Exchange session with their counterparts. The agenda includes informative discussions about upcoming events, project updates, and general news. It's a chance to connect with fellow Ambassadors, stay informed, and foster collaboration within the KI PARK community.

Election from Boards and Administrative Board

On its second anniversary, KI Park e.V. reflects on a successful founding phase. During the Administrative Board meeting on October 11, 2023, the Executive Board of KI Park and the Presidency of the Administrative Board were re-elected. These elections mark the beginning of the second term of the association's bodies and bring both proven continuity and new impulses to the leadership.

Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke was unanimously confirmed as the Chairperson of the Executive Board of KI Park e.V. and will continue to guide the association's fortunes in the coming years. Olly Salzmann was also unanimously re-elected for another term as Deputy Chairperson. New to the Executive Board is Steffen Legler, who was also unanimously elected as Deputy Chairperson. Tanja Dreilich will continue her successful work focusing on strategy and the expansion of the AI network in the advisory board of KI Park, for which she was unanimously confirmed. "We thank the outgoing Executive Board, Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, Olly Salzmann, and Tanja Dreilich, for their excellent work. Under their leadership, KI Park was successfully founded and firmly anchored in the European AI ecosystem in its first two years.

"We now look forward to further trustful cooperation with the confirmed and newly elected Executive Board," -- says Rupprecht Rittweger, President of the Administrative Board, who was unanimously re-elected for another term along with his deputy Dr. Thomas Schiller. Stefan Pinelli complements the three-member Presidency of the Administrative Board as Vice President, following his unanimous election.

With a confirmed and supplemented Executive Board and Administrative Board at the helm, KI Park e.V. continues its journey to establish a thriving AI ecosystem in Europe and drive digital transformation.

"In a time of rapid technological change and increasing importance of Artificial Intelligence, the association's bodies, founding members, and members of KI Park e.V. have made a crucial contribution to the development of 'AI made in Europe' and the positioning of KI Park over the past two years. Their commitment, expertise, and willingness to collaborate have enabled us to create a solid foundation for our mission to bring Artificial Intelligence into application and strengthen the European AI ecosystem. On behalf of the Executive Board, I would like to thank our members and Administrative Boards for their trust and look forward to the work that lies ahead," -- says Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, following her confirmation as Chairperson of the Executive Board of KI Park e.V.

KI Park

New Members of KI Park Team

As we bid farewell to our Flagship Manager, Amulya Bondada, we do so with heartfelt gratitude for her unwavering commitment. Her contribution to KI Park and dedication have left a lasting impact on our team. We wish Amulya abundant success and fulfillment in her next adventure!

KI Park
KI Park

In the dynamic rhythm of our team's evolution, we're delighted to introduce Clemens Binder as the newest addition to our team, bravely taking the reins of Flagship Management.

Armed with degrees in Computer Science (TU München) and Psychology (LMU München), Clemens brings a wealth of experience in network building, innovation management, and strategic planning. With a background as a consultant, network manager, and facilitator, Clemens is eager to apply his expertise in fostering new connections within the KI Park ecosystem, implementing innovative event formats, and building on the success of our flagship community.

Welcome aboard!

KI Park projects

AI For Sustainability Connect Program

KI Park developed The AI for Sustainability Connect Program. It is aimed to be a highway to using AI for organizations. Guided by AI experts the participants will discover the use cases with business impact. Then KI Park matches the participating companies with the right partners and start working on AI prototype customized to participants’ requirements. After 6 months, prototypes are developed and implemented in the participating companies.

Currently, we are looking for companies and organizations that would like to benefit from an expert-guided approach to AI, successfully turning technological advantage into real impact. Send an email to for more information.

KI Park

KI Park Sweden Satellite

We are delighted to introduce our first international KI Park satellite in Stockholm in collaboration with the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Sweden is a hotspot for AI and digital technologies, thus at the heart of the European AI ecosystem.

With a wide range of activities and events, including workshops, networking events, tech talks, and panel discussions, we offer you the opportunity to engage in Sweden's AI landscape at KI Park Sweden. Whether you are an established company, an emerging startup, a researcher, or simply curious, at KI Park in Sweden, you will find a platform to expand your knowledge, strengthen your network, and participate in innovative projects. As a member of our community, you will benefit from exclusive access to resources, expert knowledge, and a broad network of like-minded individuals, including the interface between the German and Swedish AI scenes.

We have already had the KI Park Satellite Launch Event in Stockholm on the 8th of November at German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. It was a great success, bringing together a diverse mix of participants, ranging from startups and large corporates to public organizations. With over 20 selected organizations, including Bosch, Scania Group, Pactumize, Google, and Scharc Group , actively participating in the kick-off workshop, we engaged in insightful discussions about the current landscape of AI developments in both Sweden and Europe.

The discussions were dynamic, covering hot topics such as the European AI Act, Industry use cases, and organizational readiness for AI. These topics will be at the center of the first events of KI Park Stockholm starting in 2024. Our focus is on connecting the AI scenes of Germany and Sweden, fostering a collaborative spirit that transcends borders and extends across Europe.

We warmly invite you to join our Swedish Satellite, take advantage of our offerings, and actively participate in shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence in Sweden and Europe. If your business is in Sweden and you like to shape the KI Park Sweden, please send an email to to register.

KI Park
KI Park

A Study On AI-Driven Next Generation Compliance

The compliance landscape is undergoing a revolutionary shift, with AI at its core. This presents a game-changing opportunity for extensive process automation in compliance, addressing the growing demands, costs, and workforce challenges. The increasing scope of regulations is impacting companies' energy and competitiveness, leading to a need for creative solutions.

In the dynamic field of compliance, KI Park recognizes the urgency to develop innovative, efficient solutions for extensive legal and compliance process automation. AI technologies, with their unmatched capabilities, provide solutions from process automation to early detection of potential compliance violations.

Your participation is crucial. In collaboration with esteemed partners such as Arthur D. Little, WTS Legal, BDI - Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V., VDE, German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce DSHK, German Chemical Industry Association VCI, and Siemens Industry Software GmbH, along with scientific support from FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, our survey is available in both German and English. It takes about 15 minutes, and your anonymous participation is very important to us. Rest assured, your data will be kept strictly confidential.

Be part of shaping the future of compliance through AI innovation at KI Park! Let's revolutionize compliance together!

KI Park Academy

Together with our valued member, eduBITES, we are proud to announce the birth of the KI Park Academy!

At KI Park Academy, our mission is to redefine the way knowledge is shared and empower our community to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. We firmly believe that the future of knowledge sharing lies in immersive experiences and continuous learning.

We've already embarked on this thrilling journey by transforming our Tech Talks into dynamic and engaging sessions that go beyond the ordinary. We are now setting our sights on expanding the impact and audience of our sessions. We want to bring more voices into the conversation, creating a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge exchange. You can access the KI Park Academy via our website.

We invite you to be a part of this initiative! Contribute your expertise by sharing YouTube videos you have of expert talks, webinars, or any valuable content you believe can enrich our community's knowledge base.

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News from our community


We are pleased to announce that the KI Bundesverband, Germany's largest network in the field of artificial intelligence, is now a partner network of KI Park. 

The KI Bundesverband provides a point of contact for more than 400 innovative AI and deep-tech companies and acts as an important link between these companies and established players in business and politics. 

The mission of the KI Bundesverband is to promote artificial intelligence as a key technology of the future. The association is committed to ensuring that this technology is used in accordance with European and democratic values. 

Together we want to contribute to the further development and promotion of the AI ecosystem in Germany. We have entered a strong partnership with the KI Bundesverband and look forward to working together.

KI_Park Das Logo für Budapest Park und Budapest Brand verkörpert die Essenz des lebendigen KI-Workshops und KI-Ökosystems der Stadt.


The AI Beyond Borders Awards (AIBBA) by our KI Park member German Entrepreneurship recognized the top 3 German startups pushing the innovative and international frontiers of AI technology. The award recipients not only received a cash prize, but also additional benefits to support their scaling journey in the global AI ecosystem. This year’s AIBBA winners were announced at the annual Bits and Pretzels convention in Munich, with PreciTaste in 1st place, vialytics in 2nd place, and ACCURE Battery Intelligence in 3rd place.

This year KI Park was a sponsor of AIBBA and offered a 1-year membership in KI Park ecosystem to the winning teams.

KI_Park Eine Gruppe von Menschen, die auf der Bühne stehen und ihre Preise in einem KI-Ökosystem feiern.

EKIPA Innovation Bootcamp

It was a remarkable journey as Ekipa and KI Park joined forces to pave the way for AI innovation and transformation. Aligned with a common vision, our collaboration aimed to accelerate and shape the future of AI through Open Innovation Challenges.

The ekipa AI & Data Science Innovation Program played a pivotal role in empowering innovators, startups, and scientists. It provided a platform for them to contribute to the ethical advancement of AI, with a specific focus on its potential to create a human-centered future and align with the AI Act of the EU.

Together, our efforts have led to the creation of an inclusive ecosystem, fostering collaboration among AI experts. We emphasize the importance of responsible AI usage, sustainability, and technological sovereignty.

In partnership with organizations like Almi, APG, and a leading multinational retail group, we delved into AI applications in venture capital, pension funds, and retail 3D modeling. Engaging with 82 pioneers from 17 nations, our collaborative exploration showcased the diverse perspectives and ideas within the AI landscape. The expert guidance from the KI Park Ecosystem played a crucial role in advising the participating teams based on their extensive expertise.

On the 23rd of November, we reached a milestone with our final demo day. The event featured the finalists pitching their innovative solutions, marking a culmination of the collective efforts and insights gained throughout the program. We congratulate the brilliant minds behind the winning teams of the AI & Data Science Program for pioneering in the world of AI with groundbreaking innovations: Sircular, VESTBERRY and VRee AI.

As we reflect on this journey, it has been a great experience, and we eagerly anticipate the launch of the next chapter in our AI bootcamp. Looking forward to the new possibilities and innovations that lie ahead!

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KI_Park Europäisches KI-Innovationsprogramm zur Förderung eines Innovationsökosystems und eines KI-Netzwerks.

Job Openings


Currently there are 2 open vacancies at KI Park.

Learn more about them and maybe you or your friends will become a part of our growing ecosystem!

Feel free to share the vacancies with your community: