Der KI Park organisiert und unterstützt viele spannende Projekte – von der hauseigenen Webcast-Reihe bis hin zu Flagship-Projekten mit namhaften Kooperationspartnern.

Aktuelle und vergangene Projekte

KI PARK Challenge

AI Start Up Challenge - Media Trust

KI Park is seeking innovators working to restore society’s trust in the digital realm by fighting against fake news, bots, and trolls online.
If you consider authenticity to be crucial but currently lacking in the digital age, and have an original idea for a product, service, protocol, or any other realistic approach, we welcome your submission.
Ideally, the role of (real) human beings, both as consumers and citizens should be taken into account, and the potential for global scalability is greatly preferred. 
Solutions based on regulatory measures or detection technologies for bots and fakes will not be considered. 
In the final round of this challenge, your idea or solution has the opportunity of being pitched to +80 renowned leaders from industry, investors, NGOs, and politicians at an exclusive 2023 event in Berlin.

DQCC 2022​


In the Deloitte Quantum Climate Challenge 2022, teams from around the world researched how quantum computing can be used to reduce the negative impact of air travel on the climate. The participants in the Deloitte Quantum Climate Challenge received exclusive access to quantum computers from IBM for the development of innovative quantum solutions to optimize flight routes. The winners of the innovation competition were chosen on May 20th at a pitch event in Berlin, which was organized jointly by Deloitte and the KI Park.