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LLM Explainability, Mitigating Hallucinations & Ensuring Ethical Practices

KI Park x Google x Frontnow will dive deep into LLMs and GPT products: Our experts want to provide an in-depth exploration of advanced AI topics, particularly focusing on LLMs, the challenges of hallucination in GenAI, and the ethical implications of these technologies for a deeper understanding among the developer community.

This event is organised by KI Park e.V. and is intended for people with a keen interest in the technical and ethical aspects of AI development, ML developers, data scientists, tech innovators and industry professionals.

What to expect:

Eva Kalbfell will delve into a critical yet fascinating aspect of Artificial Intelligence with her keynote: “Overcoming Hallucination in Generative AI Solutions: When your LLM goes tripping.” Bringing over eight years of expertise in UX and Agile Product Ownership, Eva tackles in her role as Senior Product Owner at Frontnow, the intriguing world of AI hallucinations within LLMs, aiming to craft AI products that not only promise but deliver substantial user value.

Jakob Pörschmann, Customer Engineer at Google Cloud, will take the stage to share his insights on the complexities of operationalizing LLMs and its limits. Despite the state-of-the-art results achieved by LLMs in various natural language processing tasks, their deployment in production environments presents unique challenges.

A panel discussion will dive even deeper before there is an opportunity to mingle and network with snacks and frinks, thanks to our host Google.