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Welcome to the

In this section you will learn how to manage your membership in KI Park e.V.. We provide detailed information and resources to help you manage your membership efficiently. You can also find all the information and tools you need to update your membership details and access our diverse ecosystem.
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Application for admission

Whether you are a large company looking for the right AI technology, a start-up looking to network with powerful partners in the industry, or a research institution looking to put your AI technology into practice - the KI Park is the right place to go! Simply apply for membership of KI Park e.V. using this form.


We conduct individual onboarding workshops for new members. In the onboarding workshops, joint projects are defined that are set up and implemented in the ecosystem. This design thinking method is used by us and has been an integral part of the regular onboarding process since its development.


Please use this form to notify us of any changes to your membership information. Your information will help us keep our data up to date and provide you with the best possible service.


In this section you will find all relevant documents, forms and information for a membership in KI Park e.V. From membership applications to statutes, everything can be found at a glance.


As a non-profit association, we fulfil the statutory requirements of §§ 51, 59, 60 and 61 of the German Fiscal Code (AO). Request your donation receipt here.


In the midst of the dynamic landscape of KI Park and its members, we have created expert committees to foster exchange and collaboration among our members. The committees provide a platform for dialogue and joint project development, and through their activities strengthen our external visibility in the respective thematic area.