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Expert Office Hours

Expert Office Hours

Take the opportunity to get deep insights into AI use cases in our AI Expert Talks! In a personal 1:1 situation, our AI experts from the community are available to answer all your specific questions.

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KI_Park Eine Gruppe von Menschen, die an einem KI-Workshop teilnehmen und sich in einem Raum die Hand schütteln.
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Expert Office Hours

After the successful Discover AI workshop, AI Park is now expanding its offer for interested members and partners to share their AI with the community. The AI Expert Office Hours, a kind of free consultation hour, are designed not only to promote collaboration but also to provide access to industry-wide expertise. AI Expert Office Hours foster new business relationships and drive AI innovation. By creating a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, this new AI Park initiative ensures a vibrant and dynamic community where members with different backgrounds and interests can learn from each other and be inspired to collaborate.

Would you like to share your knowledge with the AI Park community?


For all questions and concerns regarding the Expert Office Hours and other KI-Park initiatives, Marc Karahan is your competent contact person. He is available to discuss individual solutions and provide comprehensive advice.

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