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A Ki Park Challenge invites creative minds to develop breakthrough solutions to important societal challenges. Each Challenge brings together innovators, industry experts and academics and provides a vibrant platform for exchange, learning and shared growth. Participating in an AI Park Challenge opens up new horizons, allows you to make valuable contacts and actively contribute to shaping a forward-looking AI landscape.

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KI_Park Willkommen beim Finale der European AI Digital Trust Challenge.
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As part of AI Park's Trust and Disrupt moonshot initiative, AI Park hosted its own Digital Trust Challenge in May 2023 with five founding AI Park members. KI Park was looking for innovators like you who want to restore social trust in the digital world by tackling fake news, bots and trolls on the internet. The Digital Trust Challenge aimed to showcase innovative solutions to the challenges of trust and authenticity in the digital age. At the final pitch event of the Challenge, the best solution was determined from all international submissions. The jury, consisting of representatives from NMA Venture Capital GmbH, VDE, GAULY, KI Park e.V. and Springer Verlag, evaluated the pitches of the five best finalists and chose among other partner communication campaigns, to the winning team of the Digital Trust Award. With a sold-out audience of more than 80 renowned industry executives, investors, NGOs and policy makers, the AI Park Summer Party in Berlin in May 2023 was a resounding success for solving the Digital Trust Challenge.

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For interested AI Park members who want to create their own challenge, AI Park has officially launched the AI Park AI Innovation Challenge Platform together with the leading open innovation incubator EKIPA. It offers you the opportunity to implement Open Innovation Challenges in a simple and intelligent way. Innovation projects can be accelerated by external impulses and concrete, tailor-made solutions can be found for the members. While you define your challenges, the platform provides the technical infrastructure, promotion and submission of innovative solutions.

To start your own challenges on the AI Park AI Innovation Challenge platform, please fill in the registration form.


For all your questions and concerns about the AI Park Challenges and other AI Park initiatives, Marc Karahan is your competent contact. He will be happy to discuss individual solutions and provide you with comprehensive advice.

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