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The events of KI Park e.V. provide important impulses for further development and networking in the field of artificial intelligence. They offer a platform for the presentation of research results, innovative projects and future-oriented technologies.

AI Month mAI 2024

02.10.23 | After the successful participation in 2023, KI Park.e.V. is pleased to participate in KI Month mAI again in 2024. In the...

Networking events held

AI Month mAI 2023

Berlin, 09 January 2023 - The first "German AI Month mAI" will take place from 1 to 31 May 2023. The main players of the German AI ecosystem have...

Event | KI Park Summer Event 2022

10.06.22 | Today, the KI Park e.V. was officially inaugurated with an event that highlights the shoulder-to-shoulder cooperation between science, business and politics to promote the development and...