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Find the right AI solutions for you and your organisation through AI Park's scouting formats, such as the Challenges and the Connect programme. Become part of the flagship AI co-innovation projects with other members of the ecosystem.
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A flagship project of the KI Park e.V. represents an ambitious initiative that translates the strategic fields of action of the KI Park into concrete and innovative measures. These projects focus on the comprehensive research and development of future-oriented AI technologies with the aim of achieving significant progress that goes far beyond conventional incremental improvements.


An AI Park Challenge invites creative minds to develop breakthrough solutions to important societal challenges. Each Challenge brings together innovators, industry experts and academics to provide a vibrant platform for sharing, learning and growing together.


The AI Connect for Sustainability programme aims to solve business challenges in the field of sustainability. It presents new AI prototypes developed by AI start-ups. The programme promotes innovative solutions for sustainable business.


The Funding Radar of the KI Park is an exclusive service for members that supports you in research and innovation projects. It offers monthly newsletters, help with consortium building and idea generation, participation in projects and support with applications. The focus is on AI and relevant technology fields.


The AI Park provides partnerships and access to the AI ecosystem for AI student initiatives and supports young tech-savvy and entrepreneurial individuals to nurture the next generation of innovators.


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