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The AI Park offers its members a unique ecosystem, access to the know-how of leading AI experts and the opportunity to use state-of-the-art technologies to work together on AI solutions of the future.

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Whether you are a large company looking for the right AI technology, a start-up looking to network with powerful partners in the industry, or a research institution looking to put your AI technology into practice - the KI Park is the right place to go! Simply apply for membership of KI Park e.V. using this form.

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KI_Park Ein weißer Raum mit Bücherregalen und einer Couch, perfekt für die Schaffung eines Innovationsökosystems.
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Progress has never been as fast, disruptive and open to design as it is now. The entry of artificial intelligence into currently all economic sectors and business areas as well as the public sector promises a stronger and more sustainable economy with previously unimagined opportunities for growth and prosperity. AI is a key technology for the competitiveness of the German and European innovation location. Moreover, AI is a crucial tool for tackling major societal challenges and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The AI Park therefore has a clear mission: we accelerate AI innovations "made in Germany and Europe" with the aim of making Germany and the EU a globally leading innovation location for AI by 2030.

Shaping technological progress

We must actively shape the development and use of artificial intelligence together - for the competitiveness of our economy and for the benefit of society.

What can you expect as a member of KI Park?

KI Park e.V. combines the forces of renowned experts, research institutions, up-and-coming start-ups, established companies, social and political actors with access to future-oriented infrastructures. The goal behind which the members unite is a rapid joint development, testing and application of artificial intelligence in practice. 

For its members, the KI Park is a neutral platform for cross-organisational and cross-sectoral cooperation. It offers its members the possibility to Development of new technologies and solutions in the field of artificial intelligence Always keeping our finger on the pulse, AI innovations through the Combination of resources and expertise of the ecosystem in a protected space and to integrate them efficiently in one's own organisation.

KI_Park Ein rotes Gehirn mit Punkten, das das Innovationsökosystem und KI-Netzwerk Europas darstellt.


Get news from the AI community, AI research and practice. Discover the world of artificial intelligence through our show cases, discovery workshops and information offers for beginners and experts.

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Our exchange formats give you access to our vibrant AI community. Use our events, workshops and platforms to benefit from the knowledge and experience of our Europe-wide network.

KI_Park Eine rote Rakete rast durch die schwarze Weite.


Find the right AI solutions for you and your organisation through AI Park's scouting formats, such as the Challenges and the Connect programme. Become part of the flagship AI co-innovation projects with other members of the ecosystem.

KI_Park Eine Wolke mit roten Linien und Punkten auf schwarzem Hintergrund, die das europäische KI-Ökosystem darstellt.


Our members bring a wide variety of AI-related infrastructure to the community. Get access to workshop spaces, HPC, data platforms, private 5G and more to accelerate AI developments and POCs within the AI Park structures.

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On our Marketplace platforms you can search for and find jobs and experts, speakers, jury members and consultants as well as, in the future, offers and services from our members on the topic of artificial intelligence.

KI_Park Eine Illustration einer roten Kugel mit Linien und Punkten, die Künstliche Intelligenz darstellen.

AI Park Community

Become part of an AI community that is united behind the common mission of bringing AI into use today and thereby making Germany and Europe together a global leader in innovation.


The AI Park creates the conditions for the successful research and development of future-oriented AI technologies. Our ambition goes far beyond incremental progress: we focus on "bold moves" and want the next quantum leap for the research, economic and social application as well as the regulation of AI. 

We offer research institutions, start-ups, established companies as well as political and social actors innovative platforms to work together on future-oriented AI solutions. The AI Park has a clear focus on those AI technologies that will significantly determine the future of industry and society and whose further research and development must therefore be drastically accelerated, such as generative AI, quantum machine learning, AI in 5G & 6G, synthetic data or NLP.

KI Park supports cross-sector and cross-organisational projects to develop innovative AI solutions with its network, know-how and the necessary technology. Our ecosystem brings together AI thought leaders and experts from across Europe and fosters knowledge exchange in the AI community and beyond. 

The AI Park is also involved in the development of ethical and regulatory frameworks for AI. Together with experts from politics, authorities and science, we develop proposals for the responsible use of AI and seek discourse with the media and the public.

Strong together

The AI Park offers its members the opportunity to keep their finger on the pulse of developments in the field of AI, to test AI innovations by combining the resources and expertise of the ecosystem in a protected space, and to integrate them efficiently in their own organisation.

Profitiere von den vereinten Kräften innovativer Unternehmen, Start-Ups, Forschungseinrichtungen und der Vernetzung mit Gesellschaft & Politik im KI Park e.V.
KI_Park Ein Mann hält während eines KI-Workshops vor einem Bildschirm einen Vortrag über Künstliche Intelligenz (KI).