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AI News & Trends Radar

AI News & Trends Radar

As one of the key topics of our time, AI is naturally also occupying the media. Our KI Park member YukkaLab offers an intelligent ranking that shows you which of our focus topics are currently attracting the most attention in the media. Click on "Load content" to see the current topic ranking for the past seven days.

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YUKKA Lab, one of our AI Park members, is in the business of augmented language intelligence, transforming over 750,000 news articles daily from more than 150,000 global sources into actionable insights. Their state-of-the-art technology captures sentiment, volume trends and events and transforms them into meaningful assessments for ESG, risk & investment management. This provides professionals with a structured, real-time overview of news, highlighting emerging risks and anomalies. YUKKA Lab's solutions include:

  • News screeningWith the innovative AI solution, it is possible to assess in real time the media volume of organisations, their customers or their supply chain in different regions.
  • Risk management: YUKKA Lab's solution provides customised risk assessments and real-time alerts in more than 50 risk categories.
  • Marketing & SalesThe AI solution makes it possible to derive sales opportunities from recognised events, to monitor one's own customer base and to analyse market trends.
  • Sustainability impacts: Real-time ESG assessments based on YUKKA Lab's news screening enable early detection of controversies.
  • Quantitative trading: YUKKA Lab's Rest API provides comprehensive analysis, assessment and decision support signals.

YUKKA Lab consists of 28 experts in NLP, machine learning and AI. The Berlin-based company is redefining the way businesses use real-time messaging to gain a competitive advantage.


For all questions and concerns regarding the cooperation with YUKKA Lab and other KI-Park initiatives, Julian Schenk is your competent contact person. He will be happy to discuss individual solutions and provide you with comprehensive advice.

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