KI_Park Das Ki Park-Logo zeigt europäische KI mit einem roten Kreis in der Mitte.

About us - Our mission

KI_Park Ein weißer Raum mit Bücherregalen und einer Couch, perfekt für die Schaffung eines Innovationsökosystems.
KI_Park Eine Gruppe von Menschen diskutiert auf einer Veranstaltung über das europäische KI-Innovationsökosystem.


Progress has never been as fast, disruptive and open to design as it is now. The entry of artificial intelligence into currently all economic sectors and business areas as well as the public sector promises a stronger and more sustainable economy with previously unimagined opportunities for growth and prosperity. AI is a key technology for the competitiveness of the German and European innovation location. Moreover, AI is a crucial tool for tackling major societal challenges and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The AI Park therefore has a clear mission: we accelerate AI innovations "made in Germany and Europe" with the aim of making Germany and the EU a globally leading innovation location for AI by 2030.

Shaping technological progress

We must actively shape the development and use of artificial intelligence together - for the competitiveness of our economy and for the benefit of society.


The AI Park creates the conditions for the successful research and development of future-oriented AI technologies. Our ambition goes far beyond incremental progress: we focus on "bold moves" and want the next quantum leap for the research, economic and social application as well as the regulation of AI. 

We offer research institutions, start-ups, established companies as well as political and social actors innovative platforms to work together on future-oriented AI solutions. The AI Park has a clear focus on those AI technologies that will significantly determine the future of industry and society and whose further research and development must therefore be drastically accelerated, such as generative AI, quantum machine learning, AI in 5G & 6G, synthetic data or NLP.

KI Park supports cross-sector and cross-organisational projects to develop innovative AI solutions with its network, know-how and the necessary technology. Our ecosystem brings together AI thought leaders and experts from across Europe and fosters knowledge exchange in the AI community and beyond. 

The AI Park is also involved in the development of ethical and regulatory frameworks for AI. Together with experts from politics, authorities and science, we develop proposals for the responsible use of AI and seek discourse with the media and the public.

Strong together

The AI Park offers its members the opportunity to keep their finger on the pulse of developments in the field of AI, to test AI innovations by combining the resources and expertise of the ecosystem in a protected space, and to integrate them efficiently in their own organisation.

Profitiere von den vereinten Kräften innovativer Unternehmen, Start-Ups, Forschungseinrichtungen und der Vernetzung mit Gesellschaft & Politik im KI Park e.V.
KI_Park Ein Mann hält während eines KI-Workshops vor einem Bildschirm einen Vortrag über Künstliche Intelligenz (KI).


The AI Park advocates for the responsible use of AI. Central questions of our work are: How can trust in AI be strengthened? How can AI be used for more sustainability? And what ethical and regulatory frameworks must apply to AI?


The AI Park proposes an independent, European path - for a self-determined shaping of Europe's digital transformation. Because technological sovereignty is a basic prerequisite for our innovative strength and thus our competitiveness.


We are convinced that we have a decisive competitive advantage if we align our technological innovations with fundamental European values - first and foremost our personal rights and freedom. We must understand these values as fundamental guard rails for innovation. However, they must not lead to over-regulation for fear of losing self-determination and thus become an obstacle to technological progress in Europe.


As an open platform, the AI Park promotes collaboration, openness and diversity more than any other initiative. The AI Park is a vibrant ecosystem where leading AI experts from all over Europe can develop intellectually and creatively without boundaries. At the AI Park, stakeholders join forces across industries and sectors. Here, teams from research and companies work together with start-ups and scale-ups on algorithms of the future.

Artificial intelligence. Real growth.


The AI Park focuses on those AI technologies that will significantly determine the future of industry and society and whose further research and development must therefore be drastically accelerated. We combine these technological focal points with diverse fields of application and use cases, for example in the areas of mobility and healthcare.

KI_Park Ein rotes Symbol einer Dose auf schwarzem Hintergrund, das künstliche Intelligenz und europäische KI präsentiert.


Quantum computers take AI to a new level and offer the possibility for highly complex simulations and new business models.

KI_Park Ein rotes KI-Flaggschiff-Funkturmsymbol auf schwarzem Hintergrund.

5G & 6G

The new mobile radio standards enable the transmission of huge amounts of data in real time and are thus a prerequisite for autonomous driving, mobile diagnostics, robotics, extended reality and much more.

KI_Park Ein rotes Symbol eines Telefons mit Sprechblasen darauf, das ein KI-Netzwerk darstellt.


Large language models are based on a gigantic neural network with hundreds of layers and billions of parameters. They formulate human-sounding texts, describe and generate images. This requires data sets in all European languages - and enormous computing power.

KI_Park Ein Symbol eines Gehirns mit roten Linien auf schwarzem Hintergrund, das das KI-Netzwerk und die europäische KI repräsentiert.


By means of AI, computers can handle increasingly complex control tasks completely autonomously. The basis for this is that computers learn independently. Deep reinforcement learning algorithms enable computers to process large amounts of unstructured data and decide on this basis which computing operations contribute to the optimal achievement of goals.

KI_Park Ein rotes Symbol eines Computerchips auf schwarzem Hintergrund, der die europäische KI darstellt.


The expensive and time-consuming hunt for real data for powerful AI models has come to an end. Synthetic data helps companies apply machine learning consistently. With a double of reality.

KI_Park Ein rotes Symbol eines Mannes in einem roten Hemd, das ein KI-Flaggschiff darstellt.


How does an AI algorithm make a decision? What ethics work behind it? Explainable AI uncovers, creates transparency and comprehensibility, and thus trust in the results of AI.

KI_Park Ein rotes europäisches KI-Symbol mit zwei Köpfen und einem Innovationsökosystem-KI-Flaggschiff.


Digital twins are becoming the Supra platform for borderless networking. New AI models establish micro-contexts for this purpose, thus creating a digital copy of a physical object and creating real added value.

KI_Park Ein rotes Blumenlogo auf schwarzem Hintergrund, das ein Innovationsökosystem und einen KI-Workshop darstellt.


Climate change is currently the greatest challenge facing humanity. With AI, we have a powerful tool for a more sustainable future.

KI_Park Ein rotes Symbol eines Vorhängeschlosses auf schwarzem Hintergrund mit einem Hauch europäischer KI.


Personal rights and technology must be in harmony with each other. Together with experts from politics, the authorities and the ethical sciences, the AI Park is developing proposals for ethical and regulatory frameworks for the responsible use of AI.