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On Boarding Registration

On Boarding Registration

We organise special onboarding workshops for new members. In the onboarding workshops, joint projects are defined that are set up and implemented in the ecosystem. This design thinking method is used by us and has been an integral part of the regular onboarding process since its development.

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KI_Park Eine Gruppe von Menschen, die an einem Tisch in einem Raum sitzen und an einem KI-Workshop innerhalb eines Innovationsökosystems teilnehmen.
KI_Park Teilnehmer des European AI Workshop sitzen auf Stühlen und schauen sich einen Vortrag zum Thema Künstliche Intelligenz an.
KI_Park Eine Gruppe von Menschen steht vor einem europäischen KI-Bücherregal.

Onboarding Workshops

Our onboarding workshops are a key element in realising our vision of artificial intelligence and innovation. In these workshops, we work closely with our new members and partners to create synergies and identify joint projects that can contribute to our shared success.

The concept of the onboarding workshops aims to integrate our new members into the AI Park ecosystem and ensure that they gain value from our partnership right from the start. The workshops are structured and provide space for creative thinking, idea development and the setting of concrete goals and steps.

We believe in the power of collaboration and the added value it creates. The onboarding workshops are a concrete example of how KI Park e.V. actively promotes artificial intelligence and innovation. The integration of design thinking into our regular workflow is a step that enables us to work more effectively and creatively on joint projects. This helps to ensure that KI Park e.V. remains a vibrant artificial intelligence ecosystem, constantly generating new impulses and ideas.

A key to the further development and growth of our ecosystem are our onboarding workshops. They form the basis for successful partnerships and innovative projects. We are proud to use this method in our work and look forward to the future successes and developments it will make possible.


Astrid is your competent contact person for all questions and concerns regarding on-boarding. She will be happy to discuss individual solutions and provide comprehensive advice.

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