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Discover AI Workshops

Discover AI Workshops

The Discover AI workshop offers you an introduction to AI technologies. The aim is to understand the potential of AI for your own organisation and business context.

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What is the Discovery AI Workshop?

The AI Park event series Discover AI Workshop promotes awareness and understanding of practical applications of artificial intelligence. In the two-hour online workshop, AI experts provide participants with initial insights into the basics of AI technologies, highlight existing AI use cases in SMEs and various industries, and jointly develop ideas for the use of AI in their own companies and everyday work.

Examples from the AI Park ecosystem facilitate knowledge transfer and inspire their own innovative AI application scenarios. The demystification of AI in the workshop series also provides participants with the knowledge and perspectives they need to effectively integrate AI solutions into their business.

Following the online workshop, ideas and questions can be further discussed with the AI Park team and AI Park members in dedicated AI expert consultations.

The first Discover AI workshop took place on 5 September in collaboration with AI Park members Birds on Mars and Plan D.

Would you like to organise your own Discover AI workshop with us?


For all questions and concerns regarding the Discover AI workshops and other AI Park initiatives, Marc Karahan is your competent contact person. He is available to discuss individual solutions and provide comprehensive advice.

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