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Funding Radar

KI_Park Das Logo des Ki Park-Schießstandes zeigt die Integration von Künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) in sein Ökosystem.

The Funding Radar of the KI Park is an exclusive service for members that supports you in research and innovation projects. It offers monthly newsletters, help with consortium building and idea generation, participation in projects and support with applications. The focus is on AI and relevant technology fields.

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Funding Radar

Public funding and public sector awards often play a crucial role in supporting innovative research and technology development. The Funding Radar is an exclusive service available exclusively to AI Park members. It aims to achieve optimal results in the fast-moving AI industry and to effectively implement research and innovation projects.

Services of the KI Park Funding Radar:

  • Monthly newsletter: You will receive the latest information on public tenders, funding opportunities, awards and events. The focus is on artificial intelligence and relevant technology fields such as 5G/6G, Quantum, Digital Twin and others.
  • Consortium building: The KI Park supports its members through targeted scouting to identify suitable collaborative partners and form project consortia.
  • Brainstorming: Through special exchange and workshop formats, the AI Park actively promotes the development of ideas for innovation projects.
  • Participation in projects: The AI Park specifically participates in consortia as a project partner.
  • Accompaniment with applications: You will receive active support in applying for funding.


Evita Milan is your competent contact person for all questions and concerns regarding the Funding Radar and other KI-Park initiatives. She will be happy to discuss individual solutions and provide you with comprehensive advice.

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Innovation & Partnership Manager