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AI Connect programme

AI for Sustainability Connect Programme

The AI Connect for Sustainability programme aims to solve business challenges in the field of sustainability. It presents new AI prototypes developed by AI start-ups. The programme promotes innovative solutions for sustainable business.

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KI_Park KI für Nachhaltigkeit durch das AI Ecosystem Connect-Programm.

AI Connect Program

Inspired by the AI Park ecosystem, the AI for Sustainability Connect programme offers eight organisations the opportunity to realise new innovation potential at the intersection of sustainability, business impact and artificial intelligence. In the new AI Park initiative, experts from the AI Park ecosystem and programme partners guide participating organisations through the entire innovation process: from identifying an AI business case to selecting the right application partners to implementing an AI prototype with leading AI startups. At the end of the approximately six-month programme, participating organisations will not only have a customised AI prototype to solve their sustainability challenges, but will also unlock new opportunities for their organisations through expert mentoring, workshops, marketing initiatives, events and more.


For all questions and concerns regarding the AI Connect Programme and other AI Park initiatives, Marc Karahan is your competent contact. He is available to discuss individual solutions and provide comprehensive advice.

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