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  • German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce becomes a member of KI Park e.V. and receives a seat on the Board of Directors
  • Aiming to deepen the innovation partnership between Germany and Sweden in the field of AI
  • First bilateral chamber of commerce with long-term supporting membership in a European AI ecosystem

Berlin, 25 November 2022 - KI Park e.V. and the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce have entered into a strategic partnership. The aim is to jointly promote economic and scientific cooperation between Germany and Sweden in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). To this end, the Chamber of Commerce is now a member of KI Park and will have a permanent seat on the association's Board of Directors.

With their partnership, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the KI Park are responding to the increasing demand from Swedish and German companies and research institutions for strategic support in networking and exchange on the topic of AI. The partnership aims to support knowledge and technology transfer and improve the framework conditions for projects to develop innovative AI solutions between the countries.

The AI Park offers the Chamber of Commerce and its member companies structured access to innovative AI start-ups, cutting-edge research, high-performance infrastructures such as quantum computing, expert networks, education and training opportunities, as well as data and concrete use cases. In return, the AI Park ecosystem benefits from the long-standing relationships between the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the business representatives and companies of various sizes and sectors involved in bilateral business.

"I am convinced that we need exactly such partnerships to make Europe a leader in AI by 2030," says Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, CEO of KI Park e.V. "AI is a key cross-sector technology for the competitiveness of the German, Swedish and European economy. However, there is still a lack of sustainable and efficient platforms to work together on future solutions. With their structures, networks and know-how, the KI Park and the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce create the necessary conditions to translate new technologies into marketable applications."

"Sweden is characterised by a high innovation dynamic. Germany has one of the largest industrial sectors in the world. Both countries have maintained close cooperation for decades and complement each other perfectly. The commitment of the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce to a recognised partner like the KI Park is the ideal lever to deepen this cooperation in the economically relevant field of AI," says Dr Ralph-Georg Tischer, Managing Director of the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. "The cooperation with KI Park is a real pioneering project in this respect. As the first bilateral chamber of commerce abroad, we are entering into a long-term sponsoring membership in a European AI ecosystem, which does justice to the strategic focus of our member companies on the topic of AI."

In their future cooperation, the two partners will use the various established platforms of the KI Park, such as innovation challenges to find disruptive ideas; knowledge sharing formats to benefit from the knowledge of the AI community; as well as consortia of renowned companies and organisations that implement lighthouse initiatives in a network. The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce also expects the partnership to expand its positioning and network in Berlin. For KI Park, the cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce marks the first strategic partnership with a business organisation based abroad. The association sees the Chamber of Commerce as an important partner for a possible expansion to Sweden.

About the KI Park e.V.

As an association of research institutions, start-ups and scale-ups, established companies, investors as well as social and political actors, we in the KI Park are jointly tackling those AI topics of the future that must be significantly accelerated for Germany and Europe to become tech leaders by 2030. The KI Park offers its members a platform on which they can actively initiate their own cross-sector and cross-organisational projects. The association enables and supports its members in exchanging knowledge, advancing their ideas and finding suitable AI technologies for their individual challenges. We offer access to know-how, state-of-the-art technologies and a broad network of founders, AI experts and researchers. The AI Park has a clear focus on those AI technologies that will significantly shape the future of industry and society, such as Quantum Machine Learning, Synthetic Data or NLP. Learn more about the AI Park at:

About the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce was founded jointly by the German and Swedish business communities in 1951. It is the only bilateral business organisation for Germany and Sweden and has over 1,200 member companies. These range from large listed companies to smaller innovative growth companies. The DSHK is a non-profit organisation whose activities are self-financing without direct government support. With offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, the approximately 60 employees of the Chamber of Commerce advise, support and represent German and Swedish companies that want to establish or expand their foreign business in the respective other market. As part of the network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK) and the 79 regional Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in Germany, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce is closely linked to the German business community. AHKs are institutions of German foreign trade promotion.