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Matchmaking Event | AI & Robotics (with Berlin Partner)


06.10.23 | The information event on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in cooperation with Berlin Partner, BP and the NCP is an online webinar with a maximum duration of 1.5 hours. The focus of the webinar is on the application process for Horizon Europe Cluster 4 and is aimed at the Robotics & AI community.

Horizon Europe is the European Union's research and innovation programme to promote and support cutting-edge research and innovation in Europe. Cluster 4 of Horizon Europe focuses on the areas of digitalisation, industry and space, with a particular focus on robotics and artificial intelligence.

The Horizon Europe application process can be complex and it is important that robotics and AI stakeholders have the necessary information and resources to successfully apply.
The information event offers an opportunity to learn about the application process, requirements and deadlines. In addition, participants will receive insights and recommendations from experts in these fields.

Together with Berlin Partner, BP and the NCP, KI Park e.V. works to support the AI and robotics community and facilitate access to important information and resources. We believe that such information events help to drive research and innovation in AI and robotics in Europe and foster collaboration and networking within the community.
Participating in this webinar is a great opportunity to network with peers, gain valuable insights and make the most of Horizon Europe Cluster 4 opportunities.

KI Park.e.V. is looking forward to supporting the Robotics & AI Community at this information event.