KI_Park Das Ki Park-Logo zeigt europäische KI mit einem roten Kreis in der Mitte.

Flagship | ESG 360° Platform (with Schaeffler, Deloitte, YukkaLab, Snowflake, TU Berlin)


To address one of the current challenges in the field of sustainability, the KI Park e.V. team has pooled the expertise of various network partners.

Under the moderation of KI Park e.V., our consortium successfully created a first Minimum Viable Product (MVP). During the validation of our concept, the focus was not only on the development of a prototypical solution with initial technical functionalities, but also on the alignment with the professional requirements. The concentrated collaboration and pooled expertise enabled us to develop an MVP that is not only technically functional, but also tailored to the business challenges and goals. This is an important step towards developing sustainable solutions that are both technically robust and business relevant. The successful creation of the MVP demonstrates the potential of collaboration in the network and provides a solid basis for further development and optimisation of the solution in line with the sustainability goals.