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Workshop | Satellite Stockholm: Kick-off & Connect to Members in Sweden (with DSHK)

KI_Park Zwei Personen stehen nebeneinander in einem europäischen KI-Büro.

08.11.2023 | A new KIP location has been established in Stockholm, Sweden. This is an exciting step for KI Park. The expansion to Sweden opens up new possibilities and opportunities to further expand our network and efforts in the field of artificial intelligence. Marc, Aino and Corina are actively working to lay the groundwork for a successful launch in the Swedish market.

The opening discussions focus on the different aspects of this expansion, including local needs and requirements in Sweden. It is important to develop a tailored approach to successfully launch and promote the community in Sweden.

The participation of Marc, Aino and Corina shows KI Park's commitment to promoting AI in different regions and the willingness to succeed in close cooperation with local actors.

In the coming weeks and months, the planning and implementation of this exciting step will continue to move forward. A kick-off workshop with local stakeholders is planned for 8 November 2023 in Stockholm. We look forward to welcoming the AI community to Sweden and driving innovation in AI together with our partners and members.